Temple Policies / Procedures

To maintain sanctity of our temple we request our devotees to follow these simple procedures.

  • Attention: Dear Devotees, Appointments to consult with Mataji is done via online booking only. Mataji will answer upto 5 questions, there is a $ 30.00 Donation to answer each question for Sunday. Should you need 5 questions answered the donation amount  is $ 150.00 You can donated these donations at the Temple Store when you come for your appointment .  Removal of Mailividhya form the Devotees body has a donation of $201. Receipts for above services will be provided to you right away. If you do not take receipts it will not be generated later. Note:1. Please print out the Appointment Verification letter by pressing the blue link below2. Please have your appointment validated by clicking the link shown in blue color 3. Advice given by Mataji during consultations and answers to your questions is to resolve your issues, however the Temple or Mataji do not guarantee the advice.4. All donations is used towards the upkeep of the temple only.  Last Online Appointment by 7:45pm & Also Last WALK IN at 7:00pm, NO EXCEPTIONs. If you don't show up you're appointment be wait only 5 Minute after that be cancel and you must book next Appointment.  Temple Closed at 9:00pm. Devotees who took appointment on Saturday or Sunday by phone for Sunday they must come between 5:30pm because of need felled up Donations from.



  • Please Leave your foot wear and your socks outside in designated footwear area
  • Maa will not answer by phone between Saturday to Tuesday.
  • Badha Only Sunday after Arti & Badha only can do Cash .
  • In Store Credit Card Accepted on Purchases Over $25.00.
  • Maintain silence at all the time inside and around temple premises
  • Please do not take Photographs or Video inside the temple
  • Please dress modestly. No Shorts, Sleeveless tops when visiting the temple.
  • Please do not hang around at parking lots, basements or any other rooms at the Temple.
  • Please keep your cell phones in Vibrate mode, we request you not to use them when inside the temple. For a call that is important or an emergency we request you to step out of the temple to answer the call.
  • Women in their (period) cycle are requested not to visit temple during those days, it is advised that the entire family not come to the temple.
  • Upon completion of your Dharshan, please take Prasadi making room for other devotees in line
  • If there is a Birth in the family, they are requested not to come to Temple for the first 21 days.