With the support and help of Devotees like you, Jay Maldi Maa temple is growing in leaps and bounds to serve more devotees and make their Darshan and temple visit more desirable and memorable one. While getting the inner peace you need your minds are cleared from any down or uncertain feelings you may have.

Please donate generously, your dontations are 100% Tax deductible, and will be used for the construction of the temple and its maintenance, be apart of this good cause and be blessed by Jay Maldi Maa.

Sponsorships / Donations
1 Question Donation for Sunday$30.00
5 Question Donation for Sunday$150.00
Removal Mailividhya from Devotees Body Donations Each One$201.00   
Devotees Badha for 1 Coconut  Donation Cash in Donation Box don't need buy$3.00
Devotees Badha for 1 Sukhadi Dish Donation Cash in Donation Box don't need buy$5.00
Devotees Badha for 1 chundri  Donation Cash in Donation Box don't need buy$9.00     
Devotees Badha for 1 Har Rose Donation Cash in Donation Box dont'd need buy$8.00
Devotees Badha for 1 Silver Chutra don't need buy you can put cash in Donation Box$31.00                               
General Donations$301.00
Sunday Arti & Maha Prasad Donations$1001.00
Maldi Maa Festival$501 .00
Mahakali Maa Festival$501.00
Amba Maa Festival$501.00
NagDevta Festival$501.00
Chosath Jogni Darbar Maa's Festival$1001.00
Shiva Devta -Ganesh Deva-Parvati Maa Festival$1001.00
Donation towerd Kitchen Dept$7001.00
Temple Super Donor Membership ( Life Member ) $25000 or more
1 Year Less then General Donor Membership$151.00 
1 Year Annual Membership$151.00 thru $250.99
1 Year Donor Membership$251.00 thur $554.99
1 Year Promoter Membership$555.00 thur $1,110.99
1 Year Contributor Membership$1,111.00 thur $3,332.99
1 Year Sponsor Membership$3,333.00 thur $5,554.99
1 Year Patron Membership$5,555.00 thur $7,776.99
1 Year Major Donor Membership$7,777.00 thur $11,110.99
1 Year Great Donor Membership$11,111.00 thur $15,554.99
1 Year Grand Donor Membership$15,555 thur $24,999.99
Devotees like Donated to help monthly $101.00
Every member and every dollar counts. Your donations are tax Exempted*
Are Goal of Contributions Donations collect$2,000,000.00
Jay Maldi Maa Temple is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. *Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowable by Law.
Donations not allowed Refund to Devotees back.



Please consider supporting our efforts.